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TCP Atlanta - TCP Film & Entertainment Co.

TCP Film & Entertainment Co.

TCP Atlanta - TCP Film & Entertainment Co.

In its pursuit of fostering a culture of mental health for Black and Brown boys and men, The Confess Project is constantly evolving to meet the needs of these vulnerable populations. With thousands of Instagram followers and website visitors supporting The Confess Project, we have expanded to include the TCP Film and Entertainment department to deliver consistent content. This department will feature many productions such as our digital advocacy videos, commercials, documentaries and mental health awareness material. 

We at The Confess Project lead by example. Accordingly, we strive to constantly grow as an organization the way we encourage Black and Brown boys and men to grow as individuals. We set goals, plan diligently and accomplish our goals. Our future goals include filming our own fundraising events, comedy shows, game nights, galas, and pop-up mixers. 

To date, The Confess Project has been featured on many platforms such as NBC's Today Show, CNN's Big Story, Roc Nation, and Nick Cannon Mornings. TCP Film and Entertainment looks forward to compiling both past and future features to share with our supporters. Be on the lookout for new content where we share behind-the-scenes footage and future projects!

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TCP Atlanta - TCP Film & Entertainment Co.
TCP Atlanta - TCP Film & Entertainment Co.
TCP Atlanta - TCP Film & Entertainment Co.

The Confess Project Show 

The TCP Atlanta Show

The Confess Project Show is a weekly 30-minute segment that centers Black mental health experiences and creates a digital healing space for Black viewers. The show will be hosted by founder and CEO, Lorenzo P. Lewis and invited guests. Each week viewers will learn about mental health conditions, coping skills, and news relevant to Black mental health. Additionally, the segments engage viewers by asking each viewer to “confess” a thought, feeling, or goal in the comments section. Collectively, viewers form an extensive support system of Black people for Black people.


Currently, Black mental health is infrequently covered by major news outlets and popular T.V. Shows. In response, The Confess Project is pushing Black mental health topics to the forefront of social media. In fact, The Confess Project Show will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, and Zoom to reach the largest audience possible. Ultimately, The Confess Project Show is part of The Confess Project's goal to create a culture of mental health for Black boys and men to be seen, heard, protected, and understood.

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