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Our Model

The Confess Project is built on the foundation of a 4 Tier Model

TCP Atlanta - Our Model

Access: Creating linkages for services, while being a Segway to public and private treatment providers. We see access as a multi-faceted approach which enables our team to equip educators, professionals and community organizations with culturally relevant strategies and techniques to better serve Black boys, men, and their families in everyday environments. By providing robust access we increase the life expectancy for Black Men and shift the life span trajectory for young men to live a better life, school and career outcome.

Advocacy: We utilizes a specific grassroots organizing approach that is linked to direct action, it is aimed to equip everyday people with inspiration and hope to reveal their stories of resilience and traumatic experiences to be the change and voice of their local communities. We are organizing local leaders, educators, policy makers, local heroes, music artists, parents, business owners and senior pastors to be a part of our strategic goals and mission. In addition we are immersing individuals with a voice to shape public policy, public opinion and eliminate mental health stigma.

Research: Cutting-edge research is embraced by patients, advocacy and society for many indications including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ALS and many rare diseases. What about mental health? We will be a part of research that targets public health disparities and mental health studies for marginal communities, Stigma is curable; we will find solutions to better assist Black boys and men in their mental wellness journey.

Innovation: We will increase programming opportunities that will engage with Digital Media Space and Technology while including several of online platforms that can better assist the emotional health for Black boys, men, and their families.

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