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‼️ ATTENTION ‼️ Public Relations Statement: Addressing Recent Events

We at The Confess Project of America are dedicated to empowering our future, our communities and advocating for change in the criminal justice system.

‼️ ATTENTION ‼️ Public Relations Statement: Addressing Recent Events

We have always been an institution that respects all individuals, whether it’s the communities we seek to uplift or the colleagues we work with side-by-side each and every day.

As such, it was extremely upsetting that a former, disgruntled employee of L&J took the opportunity at a state-sponsored mental health conference this week to launch an unwarranted personal attack on me and our organization.

Her remarks were total untruths and I pray that she finds support and safe space to promote healing.

Towards the end, while she did admit that I was a “great person” and that she was indeed resentful regarding the dissolution of her contract with L&J, her disparaging remarks left an indelible mark on the day.

Fortunately, the amazing support of my team on the ground along with the conference staff allowed us to carry on and have a successful event.

Again, The Confess Project of America is built on a strong foundation of trust, loyalty, and a commitment to help people move their lives toward much brighter futures. We live and breathe this mission every day.

We want to thank our supporters, donors, and communities for always believing in us and continuing to help elevate our cause to the next level. You are much appreciated and valued, always.


Lorenzo + Jordon