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Tackling the Taboo

Tackling the Taboo is a journey of self discovery through Black love. As a grass-roots podcast production based out of Santa Cruz, California this podcast is centered on the Afrikan, Black, and Caribbean (ABC) experience and all of its many layers. Given the connection and partnership with TCP, they aim to foster dialogue featuring a spectrum of Black male voices. At the same time they continuously strive to be inclusive and intersectional in their contributors and subject matter.

Tackling the Taboo is just what the title suggests, tackling the dominate narratives surrounding the construction of Black and ABC. Wide ranging topics that include history, gender and sexuality, emotional intelligence to religion, spirituality, love and relationships are just a few of the many discussions that will be covered.

Latest Video

TCP Atlanta, Black Love, Self Love, Relationships

Episode 1

Black Love, Self Love, Relationships

Episode 2: A Journey Through History

Episode 2- Part One covers a stream of consciousness through Black history. DJ Dupsie and DJ StyloMac offer their thoughts about how history is constructed and the role history plays on our personal, geopolitical, and ancestral stage.

TCP Atlanta, A Journey Through History
TCP Atlanta, Black Boy Joy!

Episode 3: Black Boy Joy!

DJ Dupsie, DJ The Prophet, Shania (VP and Treasurer), and Zohnice (President) speak about what Black boy joy is and where it fits into the layers of Black male identity.

All copyright music is listed on YouTube video and is in no way used by TCP.

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